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Friday, 24 October 2014

Qualities of a Successful Blogger – A Guide for New Bloggers

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Qualities of a Successful Blogger
A new blogger must strike hard to become successful. He must know the secrets of all possible problems and also solution to face the problems. You are entering in a zone where your work is challenge by hundreds and thousands of other bloggers.

To gain ground and be a successful blogger, keep the following points in your mind:

  • Be Patient
A new blogger must be patient and he must be steady against every problems. What kills a blogger passion is disappointment. You should think these problems are just temporary. Fight against them. Remember that,
                There is no shortcut for big achievements.
 If you face a problem, you must find solution for that. If you cannot find solution for that, ask someone else. There are many forums and blogs that would provide you free help.

So do not say “No” to blogging. Keep facing the hurdles. You will surely rise after some time.

  • Be original

Whatever you write or provide on your blog must be original and catchy. Do not steal things from others. Always try to provide quality contents and be original to your readers. Introduce yourself to them and never hesitate if you do not know something which is asked by your readers.

Be in touch with your readers and try to understand their minds. You must know what your readers want and what is next to give them. If you find something annoying in your previous work, get that rectified. Never betray your readers.

  • What do you know?
Before starting your blogger career, you must decide what to provide. You must have knowledge about your niche. If you cannot provide quality content, then you may hurt your readers. Thus you could lose your importance.

Blogging is not simply posting. It is about to post your qualities on web pages. You should know what things could you provide? What things could help you growing?

If you depend on someone else, then stop blogging and start learning first. After learning a large piece of your niche, you should start blogging.

  • Results
Result could be hurting for new bloggers. You would have less page views. You would have low earning. But it does not mean that your work is unaccepted. Your work would take place first. Your work would get indexed first. Your efforts for results must not ask you for 4 to 5 months.

You may get result in 2 to 3 but you should not keep this point in first level. You should check your earning and page views on daily bases. When you earning and page views get growing, then it does not matter if check them.

  • Do not change your ideas days after days
You should focus on a work that you have chosen once. Changing your ideas every time could waste your time. Do not listen to everyone. Once you have decided and then fight for that.

When you come to know that the idea you have chosen once is not working for you, then you should look for another one.

Well, if you do not SEO, you could face problems every now and then. You must know the basic and advanced concepts of SEO. On-Page SEO is now said to be very important and it is essential for a successful blog posts as well.

Learn all problems related to SEO and try to have a clear concept about it. I hope that after having some knowledge about SEO, you would shine soon.

  • Blogger Template
Choose a nice blogger template and provide quality contents. Template could catch some readers and you blog would look nice. So a good template is like a good dress for you.

  • Some Backlinks and Social Connects
Try to make some quality backlinks and make some connections on social networks as well. Your social connect could help you to get found by your friends and other members. Use some social plug-ins to enhance your blog’s rating and ranking. 

  • Important:
Must read the following for great posts:
 Bye for now friends!


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