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Monday, 5 August 2013

10 Elements and Importance of On-Page SEO - Factors & Guidance

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Elements of On-Page SEO
SEO is a basic and the most necessary tool for a site’s performance and success. Therefore, it is the first and foremost need of every site. Like other SEO elements, On-Page SEO has also great importance. It is applied right on the landing pages where your users find you. The better you apply this tool the better will be results for you and your targeted readers could easily find you. Therefore, each and every factor is necessary for better On-page SEO techniques. On-Page SEO has a direct effect on your site’s Off-Page SEO. In this tutorial, you will learn those 10 factors which are highly valuable for you site’s health and performance. 

Important Elements of On-Page SEO

If you want your Web-Pages to be highly optimized, then you must check out the following factors.

1. Your Site's Domain Name

I have mentioned before that SEO starts before you launch your site. Choosing a good domain name which includes one of the most important keyword of your site is essential. Domain Name is a key factor of On-Page SEO.

2. Your Site's Main Title

Your site must be entitled with your site niche. This is extremely important to tell your viewers about your site’s nature. However, you can have site with multiple topics as well. Such sites are difficult to handle. Niche sites are extremely valuable.

3. Post Title & On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO values Post Title of every web page. The better you maintain post title the better will be its results for your site. Therefore, Post Title must be optimized fully. It could really cause good results for your site. 

4. Mete Description or Search Description in On-Page SEO

Meta Description or Search Description is also a key factor of on-Page SEO. It really brings traffic and helps you placing your keywords for search results. You can put some main and secondary keywords in search description that search engine reads while showing results. Thus, these keywords help your page to be shown. 

5. Custom Permalink - Individual Page's Name

Custom Permalink is a name of every individual page. The better you name your pages the better will be the results. Therefore, naming Permalink as On-Page SEO is extremely important. While naming any web page, you should know the main keywords of the post. A keyword must be the part of your web page’s name else you could have some disadvantages.

6. Optimized Headings as On-Page SEO

You must optimize headings for On-Page SEO. There are six headings which could be put in post body. These are from <h1> to <h6>. From <h1> to <h3>, headings are extremely important and these are the part and parcel of SEO techniques. From <h4> to <h6>, headings do not have notable effects on search results. Therefore, headings must be optimized in each post.

7. Keywords Density

Keywords are important factor of On-Page SEO for very successful site. Keywords must be chosen after doing a good keyword research. Once you have enough keywords, you can adjust them in post title, search description etc. In contents, keywords density should be from 3% to 5%. There must be good keywords for a Successful On-Page SEO Post.   

8. Unique Contents most important for On-Page SEO

Contents make every site valuable. This value could be positive or may be negative. If you are providing unique contents, you are gaining ground then. On-Page SEO Demands Unique contents for better results. Stolen or unrelated contents cannot make you stand. You must learn tips to write unique contents. Without contents, you cannot engage your readers. Thus your site cannot be popular.

9. Anchor Texts - Internal Links

Anchor texts adds mote into the importance of keywords. Relevant web pages should be referred from the contents of a post body. Thus you are helping your readers to read the entire topic which is missing in the current post. It is great to provide related contents by making different pages.

10. Image Optimization for Traffic and Look

Optimization of Image for On-Page SEO is the most important element to bring traffic from Image Search results. If you do not optimize images of posts, you cannot gain much enough from the post. Images add into the look of your site as well as occupy keywords for better search results.  

Avoid On-Page SEO Mistakes

On-Page SEO is some time used as Black Hate SEO which causes black index. Some time you do not know what actually is missing on your web pages. I recommend to use some SEO Tools to safeguard yourself. Avoid the following mistakes to remain alive on web.

  • Hidden Text
  • Broken Links
  • Doorway or Gateway Pages
  • Stolen Contents
  • Pornography
  • Too Much Loaded Pages
  • Anonymity


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