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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tips and Qualities of a Successful Blogger Post

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Tips and Qualities of a Successful Post

Before posting any more, you must analyse the most successful posts on your blog. What do you observe in these posts? What made you stand in these posts? What are the drawbacks of these posts? And finally see why other posts are unsuccessful on your Blog? To improve your posting quality, you must understand the tips which I am going to share with you today. These instructions could help you to be successful in future.

Your Site’s Niche

This is an important point to accept today. Your posts must be according to the topic for which you have initiated your site. If you have a site about Football and you are posting about Blogging Tips, then you are wasting your time. You many attract some traffic from many sources but Search Engine will not bless you with a mammoth traffic. So this is important to declare you niche and start working according to your topic.

However, there are many successful sites which are serving multiple topics. The fact is that such sites are managed by many webmasters. They have a great deal of deep backlinks. These backlinks help such site to attract some traffic somehow. But it is better to have different sites for different purposes.

So if you have a site about Fashion, just focus on Fashion trends and do not try to mix up other unrelated contents. Today’s search engines are extremely smart and they have quality to understand the niche of any site.

A Successful Post Title

In order to create a Successful Post Title, you must have some tested and successful keywords. Use these keywords in proper order. Post title plays a magnificent role in attracting traffic from search engines and other sources.

While creating post title, you must know which type of contents are being posted. Do not try to cheat your readers. Whatever you have in content must be in the post title. Because post title and post contents both have direct proportional. If you do not keep them alike, you may lose the interest and trust of your readers, altogether.

A Successful Post Search Description

Search description is also one of the most important elements. Creating a Successful Post Description is not an easy job. Here also keywords are important to be provided in a natural way. Search Description really helps search engines to catch your web pages.

Post Title and Search descriptions are displayed in search results and they are supposed to attract the readers with well-placed keywords. When a user searches any query, he puts a keyword on search engine and the results which are shown the main page are highly SEO optimized. Now, post title and search descriptions are elements which could ask the readers to land on your page.

Therefore, Post Search Description must be relevant and some catchy keywords must be placed in natural way. Do not repeat keywords and try to have search description in limited length.

A Successful Custom Permalink for Each Post

Blogger has introduced an awesome feature Custom Permalink for every post in the post editor. This feature was missing for a long time as the biggest competitor WordPress had been providing this feature before Blogger.

After introducing custom permalink, Blogger has really made it easy to optimize posts according to SEO tact. Permalink is simply a web page name which is indexed by the crawlers of search engines. When a search is done, a web page’s name is also given great importance. Therefore, using your main keyword in Custom Permalink could help your post to boost up.

Headings for a Successful Post

By default, Blogger does not have good approach about headings. Blogger assigns <h1> tag for Blog title which is right. Then Post title is assigned with <h3> which is not a good approach. Post title is very important. <h2> is given to the headings in post body which is also important part of a post but not as much important as post title.

Therefore, headings must be optimized. Headings are from <h1> to <h6>. As I mentioned that <h1> should be for blog title and <h2> for post title. The remaining heading styles from <h3> to <h6> are for post body.

It is better to use mostly <h3> in post body. You can use <h4> some time but ignore <h5> and <h6> as they are no more worthy. Use Keywords in headings.

Keyword Density for a Best Blog Post

It is important to know that keyword density should be from 3% to 5%. Increasing keyword density could harm your post. Use these keywords in natural way. Adjust them in such a way that it does not create the sense of getting repeated.

3% means 3 keywords in 100 words while 5% means 5 keywords in 100 words.

Use your main keywords in headings. It is also best to use some of your main or secondary keywords as anchor text. Create related pages for these anchor texts and boost up your web pages with well-maintained keyword density.

Unique Content and a Successful Post

Remember, unique contents have no alternative. You can win Google’s recommendation with your unique and never read contents. Such contents are fresh contents and they are useful for the readers. Such contents could help you win your readers hearts. 
Unique contents mean a Successful Blog Post.

Unique contents are rich with useful information. This is the reason people like such contents and such contents are paid great value. People share such contents and kept it in mind for long. In such contents tutorial could be presented, downloading could be offered or any other service could be offered.

It’s important to explain your topic very well. With your unique contents, you can explain a problem. You can find solution for that problem. You can advise your readers what to avoid and what to implement.

Try to extent your content (article) from 500 to 800 words. It is better if you have 800 words in your post body. Never wind up your post body until you come to know that your contents could satisfy your readers.

Be true to your readers and do not try to waste their time with useless writing. Write what is necessary. Overwriting could cause you losing your readers. Do a very good research in order to collect a massive data for your post. Thus you could engage your readers.


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