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Friday, 10 October 2014

Writing Successful Articles for Web Blogs – SEO friendly Articles

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Successful Blog Articles for web
Before writing an article you must keep some points which are being discussed in the following paragraphs. Your article really matters and it expresses you to your readers. You must not ignore these points else you could lose your article’s importance.

Ideas in your Articles

The first and foremost thing which you should keep in your mind is an idea which you are going to share with your readers. You must have some good tips regarding a specific topic so you could express that. If you have no idea behind your articles and your audience cannot get an idea from your article then you are simply annoying your readers. Bring an idea in your words. Think well before expressing your mind and try to have the best of ideas.
What I mean of idea?
Yes. I must explain it.
Suppose you are writing about health problems and you have observed that a traditional methodology is being applied to heal a disease. Thus you can bring a new idea – a new method – to find the solution of such diseases.

Audience to be targeted

Target your audience very well. You must know:
Whom you are writing for?
What is your goal?
Who should read your article?
Who can get benefited from you words?
This is also one of the most important factors. You should share your articles with technologists if you have written something about technology. You cannot win a doctor’s heart with a technology-based article. Therefore, your article must have a direction and must have some points for specific group of people.

Problem & Solution in your Articles

As I told you that you must have an idea in your article. The matter is not over here. If you have an idea in your article, you must solve that problem which you are discussing in your idea. You must not pen any article which does not have a solution for your readers. You must bring a problem and solve it for your audience which you are targeting.
With easy and step by step solution, you can win your readers' hearts and thus you can gather a great number of readers. You must know that problem and its solution have been ruling for years. If problem is solved, you will surely rule.

Headings in your Articles

Highlight your article with proper headings. You must highlight your main keywords in heading so your readers could easily trace their problems. They will know about their interest and it could be better to show them your points quickly.
Headings play a vital role in SEO techniques as well as in print media. Remember, headings must not exceed beyond a sentence. There must be an acceptable limit for your headings. Main and subheadings must be utilized for better performance. It really makes an article easily readable.

Do it today:

Paragraphs in your Composition

Your paragraphs play a vital role to engage the reader in reading. Short paragraphs are extremely liked and they are friendly to be read. Lengthy paragraphs are not liked as they are considered a burden of unnecessary words.
Write paragraphs from 4 to 6 lines. This could be better to get benefits from you articles. Short and quality paragraphs are keys to successful articles. Articles which is read completely is said to be the real asset produced from your pen!

Tune in your Articles

Keep your tune soft and easy so your readers could understand you. Use rich word and try to avoid phrasal verbs. Highlight your idea and keep concentrate on solution of a problem. Try to engage your readers with attentive tune. Make them feel as if you are talking to them.

Uniqueness of the Articles

Well, if you have not written your own article then you cannot gain ground for long. You must write your own article with your own words and idea. If you write from someone else then you are wasting your time somehow.
The best article is that which is unique. The one which is available for the first time and unread before you posted it. You must write in your own words, in proper arrangement and don’t try to steal from others. Get ideas from everywhere and make your own idea from those which you have observed. Your techniques must inspire other. Do not use duplicate content.

Unique articles get rewarded.

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 Research Work before Writing Articles

As I explained you should get ideas from everywhere. You should read other people’s articles and try to understand the tune in those written pieces. You should observe these articles and try to find out their drawbacks and hallmarks.
Research on a topic before penning that down is very important. It really brightens your composition and your every line would bring penny to you. Try to give some time to research work and gather enough information. Even if you know very well about a specific topic, you must do some research because there must be something which you could miss.

Length of your Articles

Your article must have a limit. You must know:
What are you writing?
For whom are you writing?
What is the importance of your idea or problem?
After this you could easily understand the length of your article. For web, you should write an article of minimum 600 to 700 words. While the maximum limit is 800 words to as maximum as you can. Better is to write an article of around 800 words. This could really bring traffic to your articles and you could be accessible.

FAQs to be Answered

Questions which are being asked about the problem which you are discussing with your audience must be answered. You must know those questions and you should answer them correctly. Win the hearts of your users. Don’t be hasty to complete your articles.
Your main goal is to win your audience. Your every article is of same importance. Make it valuable with such things which are being discussed.

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Conclusions in your Articles

At last, you should tell your readers the conclusion and the benefits of the article. What they could have learnt and what was its importance. Will they be waiting for something else as well which is said to be related to that article?
You must highlight those objects which your readers have gained from reading your points. Thus you could encourage your readers and they will be visiting you next time as well.

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