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Monday, 19 August 2013

3 Ways Making Faster Backlinks for Blog – Quality Backlinks

3 Ways Making Faster Backlinks for Blog
Making faster and quality backlinks is essential for every website / blog. Your site cannot gain ground without some deep and quality backlinks. Making Backlinks and Off-Page SEO is almost same thing. No Off-Page SEO if you do not have backlinks. Furthermore, Do-Follow backlinks are the most important task for improving Page Rank as well as traffic. When you gain a good PR, normally more than 3, your business will boost up a lot. And Page Rank improvement is all about quality contents and backlinks. No Quality contents, no quality backlinks. Therefore, you must have unique content and Successful Posts which is defined by On-Page SEO

Whenever you read about Blogging Tips, you will surely come to know how important backlinks are!

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this helpful post about making backlinks.

Note: There are many ways of making backlinks but we are just going to share the 3 easiest ways in this post. Do not ignore other ways of building backlinks.

First Way of Making Do-Follow High PR Backlinks for Blog

Social Bookmarking is an important way of making faster backlinks. For this purpose, you need to get registered on multiple bookmarking sites and bookmark your links. The purpose of bookmarking is just like we bookmark a web page in our internet browser. But the difference is that we can only see that bookmarked page in that browser only. But bookmarked pages on social bookmarking can be viewed anywhere on any browser across the world. Thus social bookmarking is a good way to view your favorite web pages later anywhere.

Backlinks made on Social Bookmarking are indexed by search engines crawlers in very short time. Furthermore, these backlinks are counted as do-follow and their PR is almost more that 4. Some of them are PR-7 like Pinterest.

Note Carefully: Before getting registered on any social bookmarking site, you must know whether the site is working on do-follow attribute or no-follow. We have to work on do-follow. Sometime we have to get registered on no-follow as well because we need traffic from some popular sites.

Facebook and Twitter or social media sites and they both are no-follow but you cannot ignore them. They are the most important factors of bringing traffic after search engine.
To get registered on High PR social bookmarking sites, visit:

Second Way of Making Faster Backlinks for Blog

Blog Commenting is also a faster way of making backlinks. You need to be steady. Specify some time for commenting and do not get hurt if your links are not published or you cannot find do-follow blogs. Just keep doing your work. Whenever you find high PR do-follow blogs for commenting, must save the address of that blog in a specific file. It will help you to comment on that blog later and thus you could save enough time.

Blog commenting can bless you with targeted and interested traffic. Your comments can be helpful if you comment on related niche. Your every comment is a backlink for you. Open many web pages in a browser at a time and start feeding data in the required fields. Thus you can comment on many sites in less time.

To get full advantages, must read:

Third Way of Making Faster Backlinks for Blog

Articles Submission is a bit difficult but important way to generate deep and quality backlinks. You will think that it really consumes time but it is not as you think it. When you can write a post for your blog on daily basis, why cannot write an article of daily basis.

When you submit an article into an article directory, it may take 1 minutes to 7 days. When you submit on daily basis, it means you are creating backlinks on daily basis. And backlinks from articles directories are extremely important and admitted for its deepness.

You need to write at least five articles for article submission. But how?
Write an article and make some changes in that article. It will take around two hours. You can use some tools as well to make changes in an article and make many articles of a single article. Thus, you can have 10 quality high PR backlinks from articles submission. Here high PR means more than PR 5. It’s great and best way of making deep backlinks.

What do I mean of deep backlinks?

Deep backlinks mean your backlinks will not be removed because your content is unique and useful. Such backlinks are live for long and their importance is admitted. You can have traffic as well as high PR backlinks from these backlinks.

To get registered on article directories, check out this list.
Note: Work on a few directories only. Check PR and do-follow attribute first then get registered. This way you will get faster and deep backlinks.