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Thursday, 18 July 2013

6 Necessary Tips for Best Blog Post Title – The King

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Like other elements of any post, post title is also very important. In fact, it is the most important element. Post title plays a great role in bringing traffic from search engine and other places. See how Google Search Engine displays title in Google Search.
Tips for Best Blog Post Title
When your any post is displayed in search engine results, then it depends on the title to attract traffic. How unlucky it is when your post is shown in search engine and it does not get clicked.

For getting clicked in search results, you need to optimize post title. Otherwise, you will lose a great deal of traffic which leads you towards waste of time.

Tips for Post Title

I have been successful by following the tips below. These are extremely helpful and meaningful according to SEO Advanced Techniques.

1.       Ask Questions like How to, How do

Start your post with words such as “How to”, “Do You Know”, “adjective + keywords+…”
For instance:

  • How to Start {Blogging For Free}
  • How Do You Run a {Successful Blog}
  • Mind-blowing {Backlinks Making Tips} Discovered
Note: The red highlighted words are the keywords which you enter in post title.

2.       Keep Limited letter in Post Title

This is very important to know that long post titles are not completely shown in search engine. There is a limit for the numbers of letters you enter in your post title. You are suggested to enter maximum 60 letters in post title.
For instance:

  • Make a free blog today and earn a good amount from home – Free Blog Making
In the above title, there are 78 letters included spaces. This is not a good title for two reasons.

  • This is a long post title which should not be as longer.
  • It does not have attraction at all to be clicked. The keyword {Free Blog} has been repeated which should not be done.
Try to have a short and inviting post title enriched with catchy vocabulary.

3.       Contents and Post Title Relation

Matt Cutts was asked whether Search Engine should be given importance or Users. He answered that both of them were necessary. It means that you should work for Search Engine as well as Users. For search engine, apply SEO techniques and for users, provide quality content.
Therefore, it is extremely necessary to pay attention towards contents. Do not say that Post title is king or only content is king. They both are necessary. You must provide your viewers in contents:

  • What is mentioned in post title?
  • Solution of the problem.
  • Post title must be related to contents.

4.       Keyword in Post title

If there is no keyword in your post title, then surely you are wasting your time. There must be at least one keyword related to your post. Keywords are backbones of post title and contents. No keywords, no desired results. But remember:

  • Do not repeat you keywords
  • Try to have Keywords phrases
  • Try to have a keyword with high search

5.       Use Title Case in Post Title

It is also good to use title case in post title. You will see some post titles with upper case which I do not suggest for you. Title case is awesome to catch eyes and it makes title of post more visible.
Here is an example:
  • Start Working with Blogger Today
This is said to be an awesome post title, preposition and articles should be in lower case if in mid of the sentence while,

It does not catch traffic a great deal, and

  • Start Work with BLOGGER Today
Only “BLOGGER” is capitalized which is not a bad way. You can adopt it as well. Thus you can stress on you main keyword in post title. But best is “Title case”.

6.       Add Numbers

Like I have a title for this post,

  • “6 Necessary Tips for Best Blog Post Title – The King”
Here number “6” really invites you to click and read these points. However, you must be honest. Do not cheat with title. Work on it, research on it and applying these tips could help you in making a meaningful and fruitful post title.


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