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Sunday, 21 July 2013

How to Change Headings in Blogger

By on 06:44

Optimize Blogger Headings
It is important to know that how to change headings in Blogger i.e. h1, h2 and h3. Optimization of headings will improve your traffic. By default they are not friendly. Like other SEO elements, headings also play a massive role. The use of proper headings could help you to attract a great traffic from search engines. These headings are from <h1> to <h6> in descending order but this must be noted that <h1> to <h3> are considered important headings to maintain good optimization of your site.

  • Importance of Headings in SEO

Optimization of Headings in Blogger is very important. By default in Blogger, Blog title is <h1>, <h2> is assigned to Blog Description or some other sidebar headers and Post Title is <h3>. While we know that Post Title is King. Therefore, we need to optimize these unfriendly headings for better SEO. Blog heading must be <h1> and post title must be <h2> for better results.

  • Let’s Customize Headings

Follow the instruction below.

  • Log in to Blogger
  • Go to Template
  • Edit HTML
Now find

.post h3

Replace it with

.post h2

Note: (.post h3 might be more than once, so keep changing .post h3 into .post h2 till last.)
Now find


And replace it with


  • Save your template. Your headings are optimized now.

  • Confused?

If you have still any problem, just leave a comment and get your problem solved. I am sure this will work 100%.


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  1. Hello, can you help me with headings on new html template in blogger?

    I cant find <h1 or <h2 in template.

    Tank you.

  2. Thank you I guess i have to use this tricks in my B L O G

    Hope it works! XD

  3. Nice information. I was searching for the same. It helped me alot and saved my time. Thanks alot. PHP Online Training .


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