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Saturday, 17 August 2013

182 Top Dofollow High PR Blog List for Blog Comment – Backlinks

Top Dofollow High PR Blog List for Blog Comment
Do-Follow High PR Blog Comment list is being shared today as an SEO factor. Creating Backlinks is an essential task for every blogger. This is the reason we have decided to dedicate useful stuff about building backlinks. Blog commenting is one of the most important ways of making backlinks. This is not an easy task. You need to stay with the process for long. Leaving good comments can give you many advantages. Off-Page SEO Includes Blog Commenting as an important factor. 

What are the Advantages of Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting has been important for long. This is one of the most important ways of creating faster backlinks. Whenever you leave a comment, you gain three major advantages.

First you gain a backlink which will be indexed by search engine. The more you create backlinks, the more will be the value of your site. You site grows in this way.

Second you can attract traffic. The more you do comments, the more you attract traffic. Other people also comments and they can visit your links as well. Such visitors are important for a site’s worth.
Third advantage is popularity which you can gain by leaving good comments on daily basis. Thus, people would know you and your site could become popular. Thus, you will become one of the well-known members of blogging community.

Easy Way of Blog Commenting on High PR Do-follow Blogs

Whenever you visit a High PR Do-follow Blog, must save the address of that blog. Thus you will gain a good list of such blogs. Make a file i.e. an Excel sheet so you can easily memorize and visit the exact blog. This way, you will easily find your targeted blogs. You can save enough time in this way.

Latest Do-Follow Blogs Comment List

This list is being shared today August 17, 2013. Page Rank and do-follow attribute of a site may differ any time. We hope that you will find the below list useful.

Best Way to Comment on Do-follow Blogs

Your comments represent your personality. Only good comments can give you advantages. If you need to criticize any post then you must have reason. Criticism should be creative. Do not discourage other bloggers. Give suggestions, ask questions and appreciate their good work. 

Negative comments should never be posted. If something is incorrect in a post just give suggestions for improvement or just leave the blog. Do not attack bloggers with immoral language.

Pass related comments. Leave related link so people could easily be convinced to visit your site. Unrelated and low quality contents must not be linked. You may disappoint your readers in this way. Therefore, link the most Successful Blog Post.

Some Disappointments about Blog Commenting

There are a lot of blogs on the web where you can comment. Your purpose is a do-follow backlink. Some time you will see a blog that was working as a do-follow blog but now it has been changed as a no-follow blog. It hurts really if such a blog becomes no-follow where you have left hundreds of comments as backlinks.

Don’t get hurt because of this. Find alternative and do not depend on a single blog. 
How awful to see a blog removed where you had many do-follow backlinks. It hurts!!!!!

How awful when you see a list showing do-follow blogs but they are not do-follow. It seems cheating but what to be done when a blogger changes do-follow into no-follow in a few minutes. 

Remember, you have to stay happy whatever happens in the above cases. Try to comment on blogs as many as you can. Think that these comments will at least bring traffic for you.

TIP: What about No-Follow Blog Comments?

No-follow blog comments should also be done. See some blogs which are related to your topic and keep yourself live there. Learn what they are telling the world. Comment there for traffic purpose. What a joy if such blogs become do-follow after you have many comments there!

Final Words on Blog Commenting Backlinks

Do blog comments on regular basis. Do not get disappointed if you find that your links are not published. Some time you will see a blog where you could not comment. This is just because of the owner of the blogs. They change their Blog setting days after days. Do not cry for this. There is not a single fish in the sea. Catch another one.

Hope you would be able to gain something from this post. I am happy being being helping you. Have Happy Blogging!

Peace up! TaTa for Now!!!