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Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Enable Search Description in Blogger Post

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Search Description in blogger post is one of the most important elements. Therefore, it is important to handle search description carefully while posting on your blog. You can understand the logic of search engine from the given screenshot.

Importance of search description

  • Importance of Search Description

The very first element is Post title, second domain name, third URL and the fourth one is search description which appears in search result.
Thus it plays significant role in bringing traffic. You can state in search description about contents in the post and can use some important keywords.
Another importance of search description is when you are doing social bookmarking to increase valuable backlinks for your site, there most of the social bookmarking sites ask you for description which you can easily provide. Use the same description which you have written for the post.  

  • Enabling Search Description

 By default, search description option remains disable. So when you start any new blog you need to enable it. Check out your post editor area. you cannot see here this option.
Before Enabling Search Description Option
Before Enabling Search Description Option

Now follow the instruction. 
  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on Search Preferences
Now see the following screenshot.
How to enable search description
After Enabling Search Description Option

After Enabling Search Description Option

You can see the arrow pointing to the desired option.

  • How to Use Search Description

Once you have enabled the option, you are able to use it in every post. Use related keywords to the post. Keywords which have been used in title should also be provided in search description. Do not publish any post without search description. If you have published, you can easily maintain that post after. We recommend you to make a short but clear search description.

  • Important Tips for Writing Search description

  • Do not repeat keywords.
  • Do not write in words form like “blogger, blogger tips, blogger widgets, etc.”
  • Write in sentence form like “Find Blogger Widgets, Templates, tips and tricks and many more stuff to enhance your blogging career.”
  • Never forget to use the main keyword.
  • Do not exceed from 155 letters.
  • Try to have minimum 140 to 150 letters or you may use 100 – 150 letters.
  • Write in natural way.
  • Do not cheat by writing unrelated keywords.
By keeping these tips, you will see that your blog will bring a massive traffic. Better description could bring you better traffic. So give good time to making SEO based description.
Check out the search description which I have written for this post:
“[Search Description] for every [post in blogger] is important according to SEO rules. By default, search description is not able. Learn [how to enable] it.”
All the above points have been kept in mind while writing it. In square brackets, you can see the keywords which I have adjusted. The keywords “Search Description has been repeated but makes a clear sense in the sentence which does not matter.

  • Be Alert !

Some Bloggers do not use search description in every post and say that only blog description which is given once, is enough. It is completely wrong concept. For better On-Page SEO of your site, you need to provide search description for every individual post like Post title, Permalink and content.


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