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Friday, 2 August 2013

SEO Tips to Make a Great Blog

By on 08:21

SEO Tips for a great blog

Whenever a website or a blog is established, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered to be the key factor of its success. SEO starts automatically when a site is decided to be launched. If you do not plan SEO for your site at the beginning, your site could lose its goal. It really starts from the very first step of launching your site. I am not wrong if say that it actually starts before your site is launched. Therefore, your site's success depends on better SEO optimization.
I will define SEO as:
SEO is a tool of communication between a User and SE (Search Engine).
This is the most suitable and an easy definition of SEO. The better you apply this tool on your site the better will be the communication between search engine and users. When users come on you site, your site is surely successful.

Importance of SEO

SEO is extremely important for online business. When a site is launched, it needs traffic. Traffic is brought with the help of SEO techniques. Let me explain my point with an example
If a craftsman makes a unique tool which could be sold for thousands of dollars but he is unable to introduce that unique tool before the world so what he will gain? He will gain nothing. To gain something, he must present his tools before the consumers.
Similarly, SEO introduces your site to your targeted audience and your products or services get sold. If you do not optimize your site, you cannot introduce your articles and services before the world. Thus you are unsuccessful.

 Types of SEO

There are two major types of SEO.
  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
This is important to mention here that both these types are important for better results. However, there are some factors that differ one from the other.

On-Page SEO is easy as compare to Off-Page SEO. You can easily apply On-Page SEO on your site. Thus you can drag some of the web traffic from SE. According to some reports, On-Page SEO could drag about 25% traffic to your site. It means that 25 unique visitors out of 100.

Remember, On-Page SEO has a great impact on off-Page SEO. Do not ignore it and always give enough time to it.

Off-Page SEO has a great role in bringing traffic. Reports say that it brings 75% of the SE traffic. It is the most difficult part of maintaining a site. In this type of SEO, a web-master needs to create some valuable links and relations which is a difficult task.

From here your site begins its journey to success. On-Page SEO is on your palm while Off-Page isn't. It takes a great deal of time. Once you optimized your site for Off-Page SEO, You are able to drag a massive traffic to your site.

I personally advised my readers to pay equal time to both the types. If you apply On-Page in a Good Way, you will be able to optimize your site for Off-Page as well. People will give you links and your work will get appreciated.

Thus both the types depends on each other. If you ignore one of them, the another goes useless to some extend. However, Off-Page SEO has some remarkable results on a site health. It really helps your site to gain a good reputation i.e. Page Rank.

Using Proper SEO Tools could help your site to gain great results. Therefore, these tools must be used for better performance.


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