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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Managing Your Personal Blogger Dashboard

By on 07:10

I remember the old interface of Blogger Dashboard. That was easy and friendly but the new interface must be said an easier and more friendly than that old interface. With time, Blogger has changed its dashboard and some new and very important options have been included.

From the given screenshot, I will tell you how you would manage your blogger dashboard and what could you do using several options from here. Some new options really make us able to work easily according to SEO basic rules.

Managing Your Personal Blogger Dashboard

From the above Current Blogger Dashboard screenshot you can learn the entire mechanism. Let’s discuss them one by one.

New Post: From here, you simply start a new post that contains various other options which we cannot explain here as they are not related to Blogger Dashboard interface. A new post must include title for the post, permalink (optional) and search description (newly introduced in 2012). Furthermore, body of the post is said to be the king.

Overview: This option shows how much your pages have been viewed by your targeted and non-targeted viewers. The greater the number of page views, the greater will be advantage from your site to you. It also shows the number of comments which have been left on your web pages by your viewers.

Post: New post and post have almost the same category but here some other options are also given which makes this option different a bit from new post option. Here you can see all posts which have been posted, posts in draft and most important you can Edit, Delete, View and Share your posts. It is one of the most important options of blogger dashboard so far.

Pages: Blogger allows you to create maximum 10 pages which is said static posts as well. You can create them for your special purpose. Similarly deleting and editing can also be done. It is also a kind of post.

Comments: Comments are opinions from your viewers which they pass after viewing the contents. They can ask you for more help. They can appreciate you or may give you suggestions. You can read them, set them on filtration or simply delete them.

Google+: Like Facebook and Twitter, Google has also introduced their own social network where you can stay in hands with your friends and family and can share your contents. Google+ or Simply G+ provides you a good facility of sharing your contents. It’s a very good entry to the new blogger dashboard.

Stats: Stats or statistics shows the total number of page views, posts which have been viewed and keywords which have been successful to bring traffic to your site. From here you can see monthly page views, all time page views and yesterday page views while the most important “Page views of current Day”. You can also see from where your visitor has come to your site.

Earning: If you are using Google AdSense Program, you can see your income from your Google AdSense Account. Thus you can earn at Home Using Google AdSense. It is one of the dearest options for bloggers.

Layout: Layout plays a great rule in attracting and keeping in touch your viewers with you. Layout is simply a structure of your main page which a user can see and can find his interest. Read More Here about Blogger Dashboard Layout.

Template: Layout and template can make you stand unique in blogging community. Beauty always attracts people. So Template is designing of your site for the user’s interest and creating beautiful contents on it. Here you can format color, font size and style and many other options.
Read More About Best Blogger Templates.

Setting: We know that setting of everything is always valuable and important. Therefore, Blogger Dashboard Setting is extremely important. There are many options but Search Description must be enabled and there must be a short description regarding your site. It is the most important option. Others option can be better if on default.

I hope you will be able to have learnt something from my short but clear tutorial. Start work on Blogger and feel free while using its dashboard.


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  1. I remember the old interface of Blogger Dashboard. That was easy and friendly but the new interface must be said an easier and more friendly than that old interface.seo video tutorials for beginners


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