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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Start Blogging With Free Blogger Templates - SEO Friendly Templates

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When you have decided to start work on a blog and you have chosen a very good niche topic which is searched a lot, then you must decide which platform to choose. There are two famous platforms on the web.

You may choose any one of them. Blogger has been famous for the last few years as it is being administrated by Google which is the best search engine and it also owns AdSense program. For these reasons, I recommend you to work with blogger.

However, WordPress has some awesome features that probably Blogger does not have so far. It’s best for programmers. Easy to connect with PHP and many other free plugins are available. WordPress is an SEO friendly blogging service. But this must be noted that most of the successful blogs in the last few years have been noticed from Blogger Blogs.

Here, I would tell you how to get started with a Blogger Blog.

  • Start your Blogging with Blogger

Follow the instructions below:
1. Go to
2. Sign in or Sign Up (Use Gmail Account)
3. Click on “Create a New Blog”
(See the Screenshot and fill the given options like title for your blog and most important your blog's domain name.)
Start a blog with blogger today

4. Click on create a blog.
5. You are done!

Now, you have entered into the blogging world. Remember, when you are choosing a domain name, be careful at that time. These instructions must be followed for successful blogging:
1. Choose a Niche topic if not chosen yet.
2. Determine related keywords to your blog
3. Use the most important keyword in your domain name.
4. It’s better to purchase a .com domain from
5. Do not exceed your domain name from 15 to 18 letters.
(Best if they are 12 to 14 including keyword (s))
6. Give a suitable title to your blog.

  • Choose a Best Blogger Template

Template really matters. Once you have started blogging, you will come to know how much Blog templates matter. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a Best Blogger Template. You can easily modify Free Blogger Templates which are provided by or simply download some free blogger templates. There are many free templates available on web which could boost your blog up.

Creating template in a blogger blog is not difficult. Play with your CSS and HTML codes. There are two options given in Template section on blogger Dashboard:
-        >>  Design a Template
-        >>  Edit HTML

From Design Template, you can simply change font style, color, layout and many other simple changing. These changing really work and could cause good look to your blog.

Edit HTML is the best way for bringing changes into Blogger Template’s look. You can use your own coding and tags. You can add many other external gadgets. You can modify many other things which you cannot do using Design Template Options.

Then there comes turn of Layout which is also an important element of you Blogger Template. You can provide best work-done to your viewers by placing links on your blog’s sides. Posts must be according to your topic and must be visible for your viewers. There are many ways possible of choosing layout but the most successful is as follow.

Blogger Template Layout

The above layout design has been successful and it is user friendly as well. However, you can have of your own choice as well. Using Google AdSense could help you earn if you have a good looking template and a well-managed layout.

This is the Beauty of Blogger Templates that you can easily modify and bring changes in them. Very easy to handle Dashboard and easy-to-work with options are available for bloggers. Updates make no headache for your previous setting as it does make in WordPress and thus plugins does not work properly which really makes the waste of time and efforts.

Remember, in header section, do not use image that could damage your Blogger Title. Try to have both of them i.e. “image and text”. Your blog title must be in text form as Google crawlers cannot read an image but its name. So you must know the importance of your blog title.

Your blog title must be in <h1>blog title</h1> tag. Therefore, if you download any free blogger blogspot template, modify the mentioned points in order to have an SEO friendly blogger template. Otherwise, you could lose a great number of visitors from SEO point of view.

  • Finishing Lines:
In order to have an SEO Friendly Template, you must know about the basic concept of SEO. For this purpose, we are going to share the sheer knowledge of SEO with you all in coming posts. Hope you avail the opportunity and gain good results. Peace up!


Blogger-Seo-Links aims to provide Quality Content to the viewers and provide solutions of problems regarding Blogger and SEO.


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