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Monday, 15 July 2013

How Do You Make a Blog - Money Blogging Discovered

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How Do You Make a Blog - Money Blogging

It’s pleasing to know how you make a free blog today. It is possible and you do not have to pay for that. There are many free blogging services where you can display your talents and can say “Hello” to the world. Click and learn how to Make a Free Blog today.

Making a free blog is no more difficult today. The main point is Making Money Blogging possible in a short time. For this purpose, I am going to have a detailed discussion here with you.

Before making a free blog, you must choose a topic that you will discuss on your blog. It should be interesting and you should gather the statistics of public interest about your topic. To know how much your topic is popular, you must use Google Adwords Tools.

When you come to know that the monthly/annual traffic is satisfactory on your topic, you should gather some valuable keywords using the same tool. Choose a cute blogger template and look at your blog layout. Your blog layout must be easy-to-navigate.

  • How to Make Money Blogging Career

 Suppose you have chosen a topic on “Nature Wallpapers”. Now what all you need is to find related keywords regarding your blog. There must be at least one keyword in your blog domain name. Like your domain name should be or You can see the difference between two domain names is “z”.  There are two main keywords in this domain. First is “Nature” and second is “Wallpapers”. In domain name, there must be at least on keywords. If both, it would be the best domain for these two keywords.

Once you have chosen a suitable blogger template and niche topic, you are able to start earning with your blog. Remember, it would surely take enough time to attract good traffic. Niche topic means that you will have to focus on some keywords only. Like your blog is about wallpapers, so you should focus on wallpapers only.

You can find many website/blogs which are having many topic displayed on them. It’s all about back-links. It is very hard to maintain such site single handedly.

Now, when you have made a free blog and have done reasonable work, you need to focus on your contents. SEO rules must be kept in mind during posting. Optimize your images in posts and maintain good title for your blog posts. Titles are supposed to be the kings of posts. Use proper and keyword rich permalink and a suitable description for every post.

If your blog is article base blog and you have to write some articles for your blog, remember that your easy-to-understand articles could give you great advantages. Write your articles about 500 to 800 words. Use proper keywords in your article. Use anchor text and try to have Internal links.

Now, you are successful. Making a free blog could help you make money blogging finally. You are connected with social media and your articles are being appreciated by your visitors. Google really understand the experience of you users. Thus you are able to have something back from your free blog now.

  • Google AdSense and Money Blogging

When you have attracted a reasonable traffic and your blog is able to pay your users something which they are looking for, you can easily get Google AdSense Account and could paste Google Blessed Java Script on your site. Your Free Made Blog now pays you at home. Your efforts are now in use and you are one of the successful bloggers.

I hope you would understand my points and you will be able to work on these points. These are easy to read but it will take enough time to be brought in practice. Have Great Luck Buddies!


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