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Sunday, 7 July 2013

How Google Adsense Works to Earn Good Amount at Home

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How Google Adsense Works to Earn Good Amount at Home

Google Adsense is one of the reliable platforms of earning at home. Do no investment but put your efforts whatever you have chosen to display to the viewers. Your website/blog will get you benefited using Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a hybrid of Google Webmaster’s Tools and Google AdWords. The Webmasters pay to the Google to show the targeted ads on relevant keywords. Thus, related ads are shown on the SEO optimized Pages and a click on those ads will pay you something back.

It means that Publishers pay to show their ads on Targeted Keywords and when these ads are clicked, Google pays to those web pages owners whose pages display these ads. If your blog/website displays an ad regarding Health Practice and the ad is clicked on your page, you will be paid for this click.

Once you have done enough work, you will gain its fruits for months. If your blog/website is well optimized and you have a good traffic on your pages, then you can earn at home without investment money. You can enjoy your vacation, festivals and other activities without any tension of doing work. In starting, you will have to put efforts.

  • How Much Google Adsense Pays for a Click on Ad

It is not cleared and declared that how much Google pays for any ad. Only approximate value could be known using Google AdWords Tool. Google AdWords Tool attracts the publishers to display their ads with Google. The cost per click depends on the nature of the topic and agreement between publishers and Google AdWords.

However, it could be from $0.1 to $ 10 or higher as well. The better the topic, the better will be the CPC rate. CPC rate means Cost-Per-Click. Higher CPC rate results in high cost. It would be better if your CPC rate is 5% or more than 5%. Relevant ads surely increase your CPC rate.
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  • How Does Google Adsense Pay Working at Home?

Once your income reaches $100, you will be paid your amount. You can choose to get your amount via Western Union Bank or you may ask for the cheque. However, W.U. Bank is better to be chosen. Cheque delivery could take 2 to 3 weeks. If you want an urgent cheque delivery, then it will cost you $25 and delivery could be possible within a week.


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  1. Nice post write up. google adesnse has really been my main source of steady income online

  2. Nice post. I want to get adsense for my website. Can you please help me by post rules for how to get adsense account??


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