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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Do you know how Blogger manages to earn money via internet without investment

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As we know that it is not the blogger which pays us. It is Google Adsenes. But we use Blogger for free hosting as a blog service which is also by Google. Being the service of the giant search engine of the world, it has gained great trust from users.
Do you know how Blogger manages to earn money via internet without investment

  • What does Blogger take from us when we use it?

Well, when you work with blogger having Google Adsense account, you surely pay blogger without knowing it. It has been said that X % of your revenue is taken by blogger which you do not know.
Since Google does not disclose the actual cost of per click. This is the reason you cannot calculate the exact amount. Google take some of our revenue for using its free blogging service. If you have your hosting, you will not have to pay that X% but only your hosting charges.
If, the monthly earning is $500 at the end of the month, and suppose that they take 40% of your income, then you will be paid round about $300. But it must be noted that 40% share has just been supposed here.
It is easy for Blogger to manage your earning and get its own share. It’s a fair play as well. At the end of every month, they cut some of the revenue and they have disclosed it in their policy as well. However, its blogger that makes you stand in blogging world for no direct investment.
Working with blogger is extremely easy. But there are many other ways to earn money at home using different platforms. Hard work really pays. Therefore, I suggest you to stick with blogging and considered it your bright future.
Note: If anyone knows the exact percentage what Blogger cuts from monthly income, kindly do let me know in the comment box. I will appreciate your generosity.


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