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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Main factors of On-Page SEO 2014 – Useful Guidelines for Bloggers Today

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Main factors of On-Page SEO 2014
SEO has been a major factor of Search Engine. Finding good and bad content is the basic concept of SEO. The major problems which a blogger faces are variations in SEO techniques. There have been seen many techniques which are changed now and thus it really matters for the bloggers/webmasters.

Let me explain the effects of SEO variations and search engine result page. I remember when image search was changed and many bloggers and websites’ owners had lost their traffic. SERP brought a huge change and thus many people lost their traffic. However, it does not have anything with SEO.

Similarly, when a rule is changed in SEO, it really brings a huge change. For instance, if a rule for the post title is changed, it could cause a huge difference. You must know which thing is to be learnt time after time.

Following are some tips for the latest SEO techniques:

  • Keyword Density:
Keyword density has been changing time after time. I remember when it was from 5% to 7%. But for now you must know that it is to be from 2% to 3%. Furthermore, it does not mean that you would surely use your keywords in your each paragraph. If your contents ask you for keywords in a paragraph you must use them then. Long tail keywords must not be repeated.

You should use your keywords in natural ways. Do not focus on your keywords while writing contents. If you are trying to simply adjust your keywords any way, you could lose your post importance.

Use your keywords in proper way. Don’t be hasty in this case. Post title must be enriched with your keywords and post description is also important in such case. 

A successful post should be maintained well with keywords but must not exceed the limit. Maintain natural tune in your contents. Search engine knows your keywords so do not repeat it pointlessly.
  • Off-Page SEO Backlinks:
Google has now made its algorithm based on writing quality contents instead of making bundles of backlinks. Now, you do not need to make thousands of backlinks to improve your Page Rank. This is still important to have your post shared on other platform as well but it does not mean that you should make needless backlinks. 

You can make 500 to 600 quality backlinks but do not pay for backlinks. Google is almost going to define its Page Rank in a new direction. It would be based on quality contents rather than making such backlinks.

Making backlinks was really a hard and time consuming effort. Now, it is good to write your unique content and win your readers as well as SE.
  • Guest Posting:
Guest posting is also declined now. Matt Cutts explained the logic behind guest posting. It was really a quality backlinks making method but now, you should focus on your own site instead writing for others. It is just like bring someone else traffic to your site for a short piece of contents.

I agree with Google in this regard. If you have not a good site and you do not have quality contents, you cannot bring traffic. But if you write a guest post and attract some traffic it means you are wasting time of those readers

So, if you can write contents for others then why not writing for yourself. This is reasonable to decline such tact.

For now, it’s enough. I would come with some awesome tips once again.

Peace up for Now!


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